Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons to use a cleaning service rather than an independent cleaner. A service will usually cost more, and for good reasons.

  • A cleaning service will take care of all the tax and social security payments, that otherwise you would be responsible for. A cleaning service pays for worker's compensation, which means that you are not liable if a cleaner is hurt in your home. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, as well as perform background checks on all employees. We pay all Federal, State, and Social Security Taxes.
  • Our cleaning service also has high expectations and training in professionalism, detailed cleaning and personalized customer service. We do a final check and walk thru at the end of every cleaning, to ensure all details are complete and your home sparkles. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied, we are pro-active and have a sense of urgency in doing the right thing, and keeping you a happy & satisfied client.
  • We have more company and team benefits, than a lot of large corporations. This provides a loyal and dedicated team with long term solutions to work with a company that will help provide for them and their family for the long term.

Gratuity is very appreciated, although not required. Team members are paid well and above the industry standard, along with many company benefits. I believe in long term relationships with employees and clients. Paying above the industry standard and providing a positive work environment is an important part of long term relationships.

We keep a profile on every client. The cleaner(s) that will be cleaning for you will have a copy of this and review it prior to each cleaning. You can ask any special requests and we keep record of it. So, your special cleaning needs are met each time and consistently.

We do our best to ensure the same member of our team clean for you each time. This helps provide consistency as well as the opportunity to build a relationship with your "regular cleaning person". All team members undergo extensive on the job training, and are hired by referral only. It is typically always a long term relationship that is established between us.

On the first of the month we email you an invoice for the previous month’s cleanings for our regular clients. For one time or occasional cleans we email the invoice after the cleaning is complete. Or, we can USPS if you prefer. We accept credit and debit cards (AmEx/Visa/MC). We will email you a copy of the paid invoice the beginning of each month, if you choose to do automatic billing.

Rates are based on the area you are located and the type of cleaning you're requesting. Prices are very competitive, especially considering the level of cleaning & service our company provides. Call or email for an estimated cost for your cleaning, or fill out the simple Get an Estimate form. You will receive an estimate within 24 business hours. Some regular cleaning needs will be quoted hourly and some by the job. We provide one time, weekly, every other week, every 4 weeks, or occasional customized cleanings. We are open to what works best for you.

We provide basic cleaning supplies and equipment. If you have special products you'd like used, please provide them, or let us know, we may have them in stock for you. There may be certain areas and/or clients that may request us use their equipment, supplies, or rags. This is determined on an individual need and what the client preference is. With all cleanings we use earth & people friendly environmental products. There are some cleanings that it may be necessary or requested by clients to use stronger cleaning products, this is addressed as needed. Using earth friendly products is our first choice.

If a key is needed for access, we prefer to have keys left on property with a “lock box” or a safe hiding place. If only option is to have us keep a key, please give directly to your cleaning specialist for safe keeping. If we have access to alarm and door codes, we keep that information safely on file and private. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We only hire by referral, you can be ensured we have a trustworthy team.

There will be a cancellation fee charge of $100 if the cleaning is not cancelled before 8am, 24 hours prior to your scheduled cleaning day.

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