We bring a positive energy
into your home.

A complete lifestyle cleaning company.

We are a detailed cleaning company that provides excellence in personalized service with high expectations.

Thank you for choosing Quality Cleaning, Etc. as your house cleaning company.

We bring a positive energy into your home and are a cleaning service that addresses your lifestyle. We have a "no rules" approach-providing you with a portfolio of services for your cleaning needs and more.

We believe in long term relationships with team members and clients. Communication and a positive work environment are very important to us.

We Look Forward to Working With You!!

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Serving the Greater Seattle area

South Whidbey Island
Quality Cleaning, Etc.

We were ECSTATIC! We LOVED her! She did an absolutely amazing – AMAZING job – this place has never looked better.

Jason & Dana G.
Seattle, WA

...as I walked around checking things, I kept saying, "I love these people, I love these people!"

Miriam H
Seattle, WA

I can honestly say that Quality Cleaning, Etc. is the best cleaning company I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Elizabeth H.
Seattle and Whidbey Island

It would never have come this clean for me in a million years!

Pam D.
Whidbey Island, WA

Glorious is the only way to describe it, I can’t tell you what a difference it makes...

Stasha M.
Seattle, WA

I truly cannot thank you and the girls enough for the superior services you have provided.

Tawnya M.
Seattle, WA

Quality Cleaning, Etc.