We believe the foundation to any great company is a strong & dynamic team, combined with great clients to work with.

A company is only as strong as the foundation it has been built on. Providing an atmosphere of empowerment for our team and a positive work environment has continued to be a driving force behind the on going growth of our company. Our happy & loyal clients have been the other powerful force, because of their continued support in referring us to others. I have sincere appreciation and gratitude for those team members and special clients that have been the reason our company has continued to provide good for others.

Below are a few "love notes" from just a few of our happy clients...

I'm very impressed with the dedication and concern for your customers and employees. That makes success!

Carolyn S.
Seattle, WA

We are so happy with you and your team. Your thoughtfulness goes above and beyond the norm!!

Linda K.
Bellevue, WA

When asked to recommend a cleaning service to our residents, we never hesitate to recommend Quality Cleaning, Etc. first. Quality Cleaning, Etc. has tremendous attention to detail, offers a high level of Customer Service, and we never hear anything but great response when they have cleaned a resident's apartment.

Kevin B.
Seattle, WA

I just walked in from my day to my clean house. The more I have my own business and I know what it takes to set a standard and maintain high quality of service, I so appreciate others that embrace and achieve the same. When I walk in after my day to my home after my incredible “cleaning specialists” has been here – it makes me smile that she and her service are a direct reflection of your hard work and continual support. Beautiful!

Ron H.
Seattle, WA

We were ECSTATIC! We LOVED her! She did an absolutely amazing – AMAZING job – this place has never looked better. After working her fingers to the bone to attempt to make our pig sty livable….she subtly suggested that a monthly cleaning would be in our best interest. (tee hee) After once again enjoying a clean place – we couldn’t agree more. Whatever it takes, we are going to make it work in the 2012 household budget if you can make it work on the calendar with her.

Jason & Dana G.
Seattle, WA

We are super impressed!! The ladies were so nice & gracious. They must've worked really hard to do so much and still cap it at 6 hrs. The basement looks incredible and smells fresh for the first time in so long!! The floors, kitchen, & bathroom are all sparkling. The tiles in the shower are clean-- we have scrubbed those things like crazy and not gotten them clean like today. GREAT WORK!! Please tell them thank you so much for their hard work. They organized our things in such a professional and cute way! I really appreciate their hard work and ingenuity. Looking forward to next time--they made my day!

Julie T.
Seattle, WA

OK—She is absolutely THE BEST!! We got along and communicated really well. She is delightful and a wonderful cleaner and I really like her SO much!!!! Please do not take her away. So, can I please have her as my cleaner consistently? She is absolutely wonderful and I am so happy. Thank you Tamara for all the work you have done to accommodate me. You have been patient, kind, and determined to provide outstanding customer service and I can’t tell you how very much I appreciate everything you have done.

Nancie M.
Seattle, WA

When I got home yesterday, the first thing I noticed was the clean smell :-) and as I walked around checking things, I kept saying, "I love these people, I love these people!" I spent the evening reveling in having an entire house that was clean all at the same time. You did not exaggerate your staff's attention to detail, and I am so glad that Nancy referred me to you.

Miriam H
Seattle, WA

Quality Cleaning Etc. not only stands up to their name, but they also provide the best customer services I have ever had with a cleaning services. They always delivered to my satisfaction no matter how large or small the request. Extremely reliable, high quality work and services with a great attitude. What more could you ask for in a cleaning services.

Sarah W.
Seattle, WA

Quality Cleaning, Etc. has provided my family home and rental property with an excellent cleaning service. The staff is well trained not only in basic cleaning but true customer service; they respond efficiently and courteously to customers' needs.
I can honestly say that Quality Cleaning, Etc. is the best cleaning company I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Elizabeth H.
Seattle and Whidbey Island

The employees of Quality Cleaning, Etc. have been cleaning for us for almost a year now. Not only do they do a fantastic and thorough job, but Tamara gets five stars for her customer service skills. We especially appreciate all of the "extra's" they are willing to do: laundry, more specific cleaning, etc.

Melinda and Peter
Seattle, WA

I'd recommend Quality Cleaning, Etc. services to anyone. Walking in to my Quality Cleaning Etc-cleaned apartment after a busy day was a joy. My expectations are high for detailed, careful cleaning and Tamara and her staff exceeded them every time, including cheerful handling of special requests. A+++!!!

Vicki G
Seattle, WA

I was so pleased with the job your team did here. It would never have come this clean for me in a million years! I know who I can count on when I need help. Thanks a lot for your schedule flexibility also. Best regards.

Pam D.
Whidbey Island, WA

Hi Tamara, My plan had been to send you an email to sing our cleaners praises, but not surprisingly, you beat me to it. You truly run a world-class operation. She is a delight. She worked incredibly hard today and I finally sent her out of here. We're delighted to have her in our home. I look forward to a long partnership with you & company. Best,

Meredith D
Seattle, WA

The cleaning was/is wonderful! James and I spent all evening pointing out the details, I pointed out the window sills, he pointed out the sink, we both noted the bathtub when we showered. Glorious is the only way to describe it, I can’t tell you what a difference it makes – I didn’t have to be dragged inside from the garden, I actually WANTED to be inside my house! I’m sure not enough people tell her how much she makes a difference in their lives – but she does! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Stasha M.
Seattle, WA

My husband and I have used Quality Cleaning Etc services for over seven years and we are continually pleased with their work. We look forward to coming home after they have been here.

Tamara is very organized and professional. She stays is communication with us to keep us updated on the schedule and to check on our satisfaction. I've been home the last couple months on maternity leave and have had the opportunity to get to know our cleaners. I was very pleased to hear how much they like working for Tamara. Her employees respect her and it shows in how hard they work.

Sara L
Seattle, WA

I have been a client for approximately 4 years and I have found Quality Cleaning Etc’s work exceptional. They take great pride in their work and as a result my condo is maintained impeccably. They are very trustworthy and have exceeded my expectations on numerous occasions. I am extremely pleased with their work and I don’t hesitate recommend them highly.

Wanda H.
Seattle, WA

You and the girls have been the best service company I have ever used. I truly cannot thank you and the girls enough for the superior services you have provided.

Tawnya M.
Seattle, WA

Tamara, I just wanted to send an e-mail saying how appreciative I am of your team's thoroughness. I continually am grateful for the significant burden that is taken off of me. I have had a number of cleaning ladies in the past, but have never had one that seems to do as detailed of a job as your team has. Cheers.

Kevin R.
Ballard, WA

Tamara, You have done such a beautiful job building a business that serves your clients well. You are an inspiration. Keep going. My cleaning lady is a gem. She took excellent care of my place. She showed great initiative and found things that needed special attention. Even though I wasn't home when she was working, I felt her "cheerful vibe" when I got home. I appreciate her very much.

Toni A.
Seattle, WA

Our cleaning lady did a fabulous job and she's so nice! I really enjoyed getting to know her a bit today. I think she's a great fit for us and our home. I can't believe how clean my floors were after she left. She paid very special attention to getting all the dog hair and dirt up-- even under the couch was clean! I told her I was hesitant about letting our baby, and the dog back in. I just love how neat everything was and I felt so comfortable in my home-- like I haven't felt since we moved back in! So thank you both!!!

Again, I'm so pleased! I knew I'd found a wonderful company when I'd read all the positive reviews. And your package in the mail was also an indication of just how professional and experienced you are. I think you can certainly tell a lot about an employer by the way that they take care of their staff/team. ;)

Joanne A.
Queen Anne-Seattle, WA